2016 CHEM 314 Schedule (vs 1-13-2016)

DateWeekMonday LectureTuesday LabThursday Lab
11-Apr12Review monochromators & Beer’s Law Throughput IIThroughput III
DuePoster draft 1; Exp 5 Revisions Throughput Experiment
18-Apr13HPLCPoster creationPoster revision
DueExperiment 6 reportPoster draft 2; Exp 6 peer review
27-Apr14Review of Spectroscopic InstrumentsPoster presentations4-28, 3-5pm Poster Session- Potluck
DuePoster final draft
4-MayExam Review
Due: Final Report by 5pm
May 4, 8-10 am Final Exam
Based on lab meeting time

2015-1-13: I’m looking forward to having each of you in CHEM 314 this semester.   Just a couple of bits of house keeping before the semester begins.

First class:  The first meeting of CHEM 314 will be Thursday, January 14 at 8am in Reichardt 245.  We may move somewhere more comfortable from there, I’ll leave a sign for anyone coming late.
Please bring two copies of your favorite primary literature paper to the first class.   This paper must be SHORT (3-5 pages) and have distinct results and discussion sections, NOT a combine results and discussion section.

Projects:  I also invite you to bring a consumer project to work on throughout the semester, if you want.  I have plenty of projects, but if you have a consumer project you’d like to learn more about I’m game.  Any project we tackle in class must contain a  metal, plastic, and volatile as part of the product or packaging.


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