• Lab Notebook (50 pts, individual)—  Maintaining a tidy, individual lab notebook is essential in science and is required for this course. It is your permanent record of your progress through this course that should be readily interpretable by anyone who picks it up- even me. Before coming to lab for experimentation, each student must have a procedure, and data tables prepared.  Lab notebooks will be checked periodically throughout the semester without advanced notice.  Students must use a dedicated, organized bound notebook with sections for each experiment. Instrument data may be printed out and taped into the notebook. Loose papers or disorganized work is not acceptable.
  • Poster and Oral presentation (50 pts, group)—  Share what you learned in your project with the public. To do this, your group needs to prepare a poster. We will be joining the department poster session at the end of the semester. Your group will need to have a concise and exciting ~5 minute presentation to talk about what you have found out. I will post some example posters on the website.
  • Resources (Extra Credit- 5 pts each, up to 20 pts)—  Add useful resources (books, ebooks, websites, anything) to the class website by posting a response on the appropriate analysis pages. Whatever you find and post must be accessible to the entire class.  These contributions are only accepted before the applicable report is due.
  1. Descriptive title— What have you found?
  2. Source— Where to find the resource (citation or web link)
  3. Content— Describe what is available (2-3 sentences)
  4. Reliability and Usefulness— your opinion about resource reliability and helpfulness (2-ish sentences)
  5. Who’s Contributing?  Your name or pseudonym