Project Definition

Guidelines for written assignments
Instructor pet peeves for written assignments

  • Project Definition- (50 pts; group)  A 3-5 pg report designed facilitate learning about your product and develop a plan for addressing your questions. This initial report will consist of three parts:
  1. Introduction— Tell me about your product.
  2. Product Information— Research your consumer product on the internet, call the company. Try to find the answers to your questions- no reason you can’t confirm that menthol is the flavor in your gum rather than guessing. Research common ingredients for your product.
  3. Ingredients-  Make a table listing every ingredient in your product, including the structures for each. Research what each ingredient is commonly used for, discuss the options for how it can be detected and quantified.
  4. The Plan (Reports 1-5)— Tell me how you plan to address  each question  relevant to your product.
    1. Research and report a reasonable method for addressing these questions using available instrumentation (sample prep, instrumentation and instrumental conditions).
    2. List what materials you will need: solvents, standards, glassware, etc. State the expected results are (retention time, etc).
    3. What parts do you feel will be easy to address?     Which parts do you anticipate to be most difficult? How will you address these challenges?
  5. Choose Your Own Adventure (Report 6)— Propose  two  questions you can address with UAF instrumentation that you would like to pursue regarding your product. Then write a plan to address each according to guidelines above in “the plan’. You will have the opportunity to address two of the three proposed questions.
  6. References
  7. Appendices— Attach any methods you want to use to the report, so I can evaluate them on the basis of feasibility.