If you have a question, check here before you email me.  I’ll update this throughout the semester

1. I’m not getting emails for this class.
The emails for this class are going to your UAF email.  This is the only place you will be receiving emails from this class.  Be sure to check your email.  If emails are going to a strange account, I think you can do something about that in your UAOnline account.


2. How do I find my Google Drive?
Google Drive is the way that you will share your work with me and your group throughout the semester.  You each have a google drive account available to you through your UAF email account.  It should be accessible from your email account by clicking on the “drive” tab at the top.

 3. Tips and Tricks for Google Drive
Contributor: Emily Olson (2013)
Here’s a tip for everyone. When typing in Google Drive, hit “Ctrl + /” to bring up a keyboard shortcuts menu. This will tell you how to add subscripts, superscripts, and etc. to your Drive document. Just something I thought might be helpful to everyone.

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