Analysis of Caloric Content


Parr 1341 Bomb Calorimeter
Location: REIC 245
Bomb Calorimeter Manual


Bomb Calorimeter Manual
xtremely useful resource for sample prep, operation, and calculations.

Example bomb calorimetry lab
seful, easy to understand intro and procedure ideas.

326-B1+B2 Bomb Calorimetry
Contributor:  Jacob Sterle, 2015
Content:  A video on the preparation and use of a bomb calorimeter.
Reliability and Usefulness:  It seems to be a reliable video. I think it will be useful in getting an idea of what to do with the calorimeter.

Contributor: Michael Hooper, Spring 2016
Source: Galaxy Scientific and The Federal Aviation Administration
Content: Experimental gross heats of combustion of 49 common polymers as well as example calculations for heat of combustion using bond enthalpy.
Reliability and usefulness: “The gross and net heats of combustion calculated from polymer enthalpies of formation and oxygen consumption thermochemistry were within 5 percent of the experimental values from oxygen bomb calorimetry.” This shows that bond enthalpy calculations are a useful method for comparing the experimental heat of combustion against the calculated value of a proposed structure.

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