Analysis of Crystalline Phases


X-Ray diffraction
PANalytical Material Research MRD Diffractometer
Location: REIC ; Contact Instructor to coordinate use
Our PANalytical Material Research MRD Diffractometer (MRD) x-ray diffractometer has many options and can be used for conventional and high resolution/quantitative powder x-ray diffraction, surface and thin film diffraction, and texture analysis.
Instrument info on AIL page



Skoog ‘n Holler.  Ch 12.
AIL Wiki- operating instructions

Database of X-ray diffraction patterns for a lot of minerals
Contributed by: Matthew Vanagel, 2014
Content — This is a database that has a ton of spectral information about tons of different minerals. You can search by mineral name, formula, and even fragments of the formula. There seem to be x ray diffractogams and Raman spectra for most minerals. You can get the raw data for each spectra through the site too which can be helpful.
Reliability & Usefulness — This website is overall, pretty reliable. It’s well organized and maintained. There are usually multiple diffractiograms for every mineral and some are better than others. So if you notice that a diffractogram for a particular mineral is very noisey or just looks odd, go back and see if there are other diffractorgams that have been submitted for that mineral. I found this database extremely useful for comparing peaks in experimentally obtained diffractograms to references. With reference spectra from this database, I was able to confirm the presence of some pigments in a makeup product and determine its mineral composition.

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