Analysis of Flavors


Agilent 1100 high pressure liquid chromatograph
Location: REIC 139
HPLC Columns
Instrument Instructions HPLC
Getting data off the HPLC


Skoog ‘n Holler.  Ch 26, 28

Introduction to HPLC

HPLC methods
Contributed by: Emily Olson, 2013
This is a great website for deciding what parameters to use when running a sample through the HPLC. You can select a group on the right side of the screen (ie Food and Beverage) and then further refine your search to try and find your specific product, or at least something similar.

Adjusting HPLC Methods
This calculator helps adjust HPLC parameters between published methods and the conditions available to you here at UAF.

Contributed by: Terilyn Lawson, 2013
This is a good starting spot when looking for instrumental parameters for the HPLC. You can search by structure and application, so where the compound is found such as food science etc.
This website is reliable and the company  manufacturer  HPLC columns and parts.
Fundamentals of High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Contributed by: Matthew Vanagel, 2014
Content — This is a great overview of HPLC. It explains the principles behind the technique, and its applications. It also explains how the instrument works and outlines the major components of the instrument. It also does a really solid job of explaining the different types of detectors found on HPLC instruments. The above link directs to a pdf document that has the feeling of a powerpoint presentation. There are a lot of pictures and diagrams and it is very easy to read.
Reliability & Usefulness — This resource is very reliable because it was published by Agilent Technologies, one of the most renowned manufactures of analytical instruments. I think it is a really useful resource for learning a lot of practical information about the instrument. It also describes a lot of different separation modes. There is a cool chart highlighting the most appropriate separation method for various types of compounds which seems like it could be really practical.
Spectral Database for Organic Compounds
Contributed by: Koty Emery, 2015

Content- This is a great database that contains MS, Carbon NMR, HNMR, IR, Raman, and ESR Spectra for many organic compounds.
Reliability & Usefulness — This resource would be helpful for obtaining reference spectra during the flavoring, volatile compounds, and CYOA portions of the course.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography Walkthrough
Contributed by:  Kyle Milke, 2016
Content-Overview of HPLC components. Walk through of instrument.
Reliability  & Usefulness: This is a reliable youtube video that is made by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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